Record High & Save The Music Foundation Announce Partnership

December 18, 2023:

RECORD HIGH, a leading advocate for music education programs presented by Prudential Center, designed to prepare New Jersey high school students for a career in the music industry both on and off the stage, announced today that the program will provide support for Save The Music Foundation (STMF) to bring further resources to music students in New Jersey.

RECORD HIGH will continue to enhance their commitment to STMF grantees in central and northern New Jersey. With a focus on empowering music teachers and students, RECORD HIGH will provide comprehensive on-site and virtual support to STMF grantees as they integrate cutting-edge music technology into their curricula via their acclaimed, J Dilla Music Technology Grant.

The recipient schools of this support initiative include:

  • New Brunswick High School, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Lincoln High School, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Academy No. 26, Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • East Orange STEM School, East Orange, New Jersey
  • New Jersey Regional Day School, Newark, New Jersey

RECORD HIGH is dedicated to helping these schools optimize their classroom spaces, fostering student learning, and assisting in the creation of a long-term plan for sustained educational growth. The RECORD HIGH team will also offer valuable insights to music teachers on curriculum development and effective grant implementation, ensuring a seamless integration of the new music technology grants.


For over 25 years, Save The Music Foundation has empowered students, teachers, and communities to reach their full potential through music making. The Save The Music J Dilla Music Technology Grant delivers the future of music education through innovative tech tools and resources that bring out students’ inner creativity, talent, and confidence by teaching the fundamentals of electronic music creation, recording, and production.

The J Dilla Music Technology grant package includes ongoing program support, including research, measurement, and professional development trainings for a 10-year period. The grant aims to broaden access to music tech resources, support teachers, and inspire future career pathways.

In an exciting development for the new year, RECORD HIGH will debut its innovative Live! Audio and Lighting Workshop. This initiative will kick off by hosting STMF grantee Passaic Preparatory Academy.  Additionally, Record High will debut its Sessions! Recording Studio Workshop by hosting STMF grantee, Barringer High School, Newark, at the prestigious Sound on Sound Studio in Montclair. Record High will expand availability of these workshops to school districts throughout the state in 2024.

These workshops provide students with hands-on training in live concert production and a professional studio recording experience. Record High is proud to contribute to the flourishing Careers in Technology education in New Jersey, fostering a new generation of skilled and passionate professionals.

“Save The Music Foundation is thrilled to be working with New Jersey’s own RECORD HIGH. As a community leader in providing quality programming in Newark and beyond, RECORD HIGH is the perfect partner to ensure that our grantee recipient schools and communities are fully supported as they implement and evolve music tech programs,” said Chiho Feindler, Chief Program Officer at Save The Music.

“As RECORD HIGH continues to establish itself as one of the premier music programs in New Jersey, we could not be happier to partner with Save The Music Foundation to continue bringing unique music opportunities for students across the state,” said Mark Conklin, Vice President, Artist Relations & Programing, Record High at Prudential Center. “Save The Music Foundation is one of the premiere music foundations in the entire country and to be able to partner with the organization and expand our reach will further elevate RECORD HIGH.”


RECORD HIGH” at Prudential Center and HBSE is a groundbreaking initiative that embodies CAREERS, COMMUNITY, and CONNECTION in the music and entertainment industry. This unparalleled program is designed to empower young individuals to pursue their dreams and introduce new opportunities within the industry by providing educational resources, mentorship, and networking connections. With a strong focus on underserved high school students and ‘at risk’ young adults, “RECORD HIGH” aims to bridge gaps in education and employment while fostering a direct link between aspiring talents and established industry experts. Through this initiative, Prudential Center reaffirms its commitment to creating lasting positive impact in Newark and its surrounding communities. For more information about RECORD HIGH, visit

About Save The Music Foundation:

Save The Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps students, schools, and communities reach their full potential through the power of making music. For 25 years, Save The Music (STM) has addressed the systemic inequities in music education by investing in culturally rich communities across the US. Since its inception, STM has donated $75M worth of instruments and technology to over 2,700