Certificate Program

Students may take classes “a la carte” or earn credits as part of a certificate program designed to give them a head start in preparing for college or a career in the music industry.  Students may choose from five career tracks, each designed to give the student training in their chosen field as well as a broader understanding of music and the music industry.

Students who successfully complete a certificate program will be receive

  • Official GMEPC Record High Certificate of achievement
  • A one-of-a-kind Record High Varsity Jacket.
  • Opportunity to apply for exclusive virtual mentorship and internship programs with major music industry partners.
  • Along the way students are awarded exclusive Record High t-shirt (10 credits), Baseball cap (16 credits)

 Certificate Program Career Tracks

  • Contemporary Songwriting
  • Vocal Performance
  • Hip Hop Hitmaker
  • Audio Production
  • Music Business

 How it works

  • Students must earn a minimum of 22 credits including:
  • Minimum of 10 core credits from their chosen career track
  • Minimum of 6 credits from Music Business courses
  • Minimum of 6 elective credits from the remaining three career tracks

Sample Career Track

  • Intro to Contemporary Songwriting (2 credits)
  • Songwriting 101 (4 credits)
  • Songwriting 201 (4 credits)
Music Business
  • Intro to Careers in Music Business (2 credits)
  • Artist Management 101 (4 credits)
  • Intro to Vocal Performance (2 credits)
  • Intro to Digital Audio Production (2 credits)
  • Digital Audio Production 101 (4 credits)

Total = 22 credits

*Students who choose Music Business as their career track must earn a minimum of 14 core credits from the Music Business course offerings and 8 credits from the remaining four career tracks